Transformative Practices

Self-Healing / New Vitality / Mental Clarity

Experience how to transform negative emotions like stress and anger into life force again

Create a foundation of health and well-being

Learn Qigong online - step-by-step

Qigong - the ancient healing art of enhancing and refining the energy

of our body and balance our emotions

These easy-to-learn, ancient self-healing practices support new vitality, enhancing mental clarity

Meet your teacher: Gabrielle Euteneuer

Hi, I am Gabrielle

I love sharing and practicing the ancient Taoist art of Qigong
To teach Qigong online is so beneficial for many people:

  • You can learn at your own pace no matter your learning style
  • You can watch the short beautiful videos, lectures and practices as often as you like
  • You can choose the time frame and length of each lesson

BIO: To teach and live the Daoist lifestyle, which Gabrielle has done for more than 40 years is her life's vocation. In the last 30 years she has been traveling a lot in Europe, Thailand, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Both gaining more knowledge and then passing it on in teaching sessions.

She is an International Healing Tao Senior Instructor 1 & 2 and is authorized to train Qigong & Tai Chi Instructors.

Gabrielle works closely with the Founder of the Universal Healing Tao System, Master Mantak Chia. Gabrielle's background also includes study in Daoist Dream Yoga, I Ching, and Inner Alchemy. More info:


"The course is very inspiring and a joy to attend... As a body worker & facilitator of growth for other people the Qigong movements & meditations have had a huge influence of my own personal growth...

My body has become more supple, stronger & relaxed and I have a deeper understanding of my body."

- Elayne - Aromatherapist, Teacher & Energy-balancer (right) with Gabrielle


" Gabrielle is a wonderful teacher, giving clear easy to follow exercises, delivered with patience and playfulness. Creating my centre has given me a new awareness of my body. These practices have helped me to rejuvenate my whole body deeply nourishing the cells creating more vitality and at the same time feeling grounded and calm. I have found improvement in my health, my relationships and spiritual practice, changing how I see myself and my world around me." Lyndy, Nelson


"When a student is ready, the teacher will appear...It is not always easy to learn from books. The life force of another being needs to be present to channel words into life, and Gabrielle walks the Tao so graciously imparting her knowledge & wisdom so freely. I would recommend to make an opportunity to taste it yourself!" Victor, Auckland

Peaceful Heart / Flexible Spine

"Qigong combines the energy work of Chinese Medicine with physical movements and meditative relaxation. You can start learning these enjoyable, gentle exercises from young age to 85+.
Integrate these simple and easy to learn exercises into your daily life. This will bring immediate energy and harmony to your body and mind." Gabrielle

Tao Qigong can dissolve stagnation and blockages in our emotions, bodies, and minds.
Tao Qigong supports strengthening the immune system and bones and harmonizing the hormone system.

Never done Qigong before?

These courses will provide everything that you can learn Qigong on your own.

Have you Tai Chi experience? Tai Chi is actually Qigong. It is one of the many branches. The preliminary exercises in Tai Chi might remind you a little, of what you will learn in the Qigong warm-up sequences.
Soon, here you will find more advanced Qigong courses as well.