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Each season has a different energy ...

... and each season offers different Tao Qigong practices.

In Tao Qigong, there are five seasons. They are related to the Five Elements.

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The Five Seasons

Spring - is expanding energy. So are the Qigong movements.

Summer - reaches the height of growth. Like the flowers are fully blossoming. Qigong is a rhythm compatible to open out energy.

Late Summer - the fifth season of Qigong represents the "Indian Summer". The energy starts to withdraw.

Autumn - in nature the energy goes back into the tree trunk. The essence is cutting, clarity, separation process, what is essential, what we can let go ...

Winter - after leaves fall down, the energy goes even deeper into the roots. Qigong is about strengthening the life force. Meditations are deep and calm.

Spring energy

The Wood Element describes a period of flourishing and growth. It is the Element of Spring and new life, being filled with vigour and vitality. The movement of energy at this time is outwards

Autumn & Qigong

Breathe - wind is a key element in autumn.

Sleep - the act of sleep is the ultimate way of letting go...

Breathe and Move ...

In this Qigong Mini-Series you will find different moving exercises for each season. Learn Qigong step-by-step with videos.

Course Curriculum

  Welcome and "Qigong for Spring"
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  Qigong and Summer
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  Qigong and Late Summer
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  Qigong and Autumn
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  Qigong and Winter
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  More resources
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